Tuesday, January 20, 2009

10 Facts About Me, Winkie

I've been tagged by the wonderful Megs at Newbie New Yorker . Here's how it goes:
#1. You have to chose a minimum of 7 fabulous blogs to pass this goodie onto.
#2. Post the fabulous blogs of your choice as a link on your blog.
AND #3. List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

1. My real name is not Winkie, as you may have guested! I came up with it a few summers ago. I just loved the idea of a nickname, & my given name is very short so it doesn't really have a nickname. But "Houghton" is my last name. 

2. I LOVE anything cold! Sorbet, Mint Lemonade, I have even been know to eat a snow-cone-icy-thing plain. I just love any thing cold.

3. I do not eat red meat. No Burgers, Beef hot dogs, Lamb ect. I have been a no-red-meat-etarian for a few years. But I DO eat Chicken, Duck, Turkey. 

4. I can get really cold! Ironically enough (from number 2). For the whole week of Christmas 2008, I think I was freezing the entire time, even though I was is California! I feel kind of dumb saying this when the rest of the country is FREEZING!! 

5. In... I think 3rd grade I was obsessed with France. Everything about it, I still kind of am but not insane about it! 

6. Both of my Mom & Dad LOVE modern houses & furniture. I do too, but I would take the Shingled classic beachie home, over the Modern. But, when it comes to furniture I like a mix or Classic & Modern.

7. I put a lot of (!) and (&) in sentences. I don't know why, I sort of drive my self crazy with it. 

8. I LOVE baking (if you have not noticed yet) Macaroons, Cupcakes, Cakes, Cookies ect. I just don't have enough time, unfortunately. 

9. I am love horseback riding. I have been riding since I was 8. I am a Hunter Jumper & lease a horse named Grampa (no joke).

10. I am AWFUL at mathematics. Thank goodness for the calculator! I could probably figure it out if my life depended on it. It is just not my favorite.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for passing it onto me, what a fun tag! and I love cold things too :)

SPG said...

Thank you very much!!!

Kate said...

I love hearing all the facts :)

It does get cold in CA-don't feel bad ;)

Tickled Pink And Green said...

I LOVE the nickname Winkie. Adorable without looking too "made up"...

I need to give my 2 1/2 year old a cute nickname.

BLC :o said...

Hey you! I gave you the same award today on my blog. Thanks for passing it my way!!! Xoxo-BLC