Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Bastille Day!! 14 July!

The Movie "Diva"
French Sailor Shirts

When I was younger, I was Totally Completely obsessed with Everything French!! Now I am just more in to their Food & Clothes!! Here Some of my favorite french things! Apprecier!


Anonymous said...

Miss Winkie...

We have just now discovered your blog, and we simply adore it! It's wonderful!

The French selection you shared is outstanding, especially the sailor shirts. We actually still have a few from J. Peterman - they remain a fabulous thing to haul out of the closet and throw on.

BTW, did you make the Neiman's cookies? We haven't recently, but love the recipe. Too much I might add, we love it just a little too much!

We'll be back, with bells on!

Fashion Ivy said...

I love all things french.

Winkie Houghton said...

The Preppy Princess, the Neiman's Cookies are ah-mazing! I made them the other day!!! So Good!